OXYREDUCT® Active fire prevention

“We do not light up!”

On the territory of the Baltic states and Scandinavia company Texpo OU is a partner Wagner Austria GmbH – Austria and supplier systems to prevent fires OxyReduct.

Soon you will be able to say so, because with the help OxyReduct® system creates the atmosphere in which a fire can not occur.

The basic principle is simple, like all brilliant:
Flammability of solid materials is directly dependent on the oxygen concentration. Due to the controlled flow of nitrogen to the protected site, the oxygen level is reduced. As a result, the risk of fire is eliminated. This OxyReduct® premises protected by the system are available to staff.


Fire can occur at any time Given the importance of the protected property should be in the case of danger to take action to limit the damage. The choice of fire extinguishing agents begins with a conventional hand-held fire extinguishers and ends with automatic systems. All previously known technologies have one thing in common: they are activated when a fire has occurred.
fire Prevention
WAGNER is OxyReduct® system that can prevent fire and thus provides guaranteed protection. Who would not want to experience this feeling of confidence: “We do not light up!”
Advantages of fire prevention are evident:

Reliable fire prevention

  • Permanent fire protection of industrial processes and values
  • Exclusion of damage caused by exposure to smoke, fire, or fire extinguishing agents
  • Easy adaptation to changing conditions
  • There is no limit to the design objects
  • Saving on installation of fire protection systems
  • Preservation of free access to premises


Reducing the oxygen concentration – improved security

OxyReduct®, innovative system to prevent fire provides a controlled reduction in the concentration of oxygen in the room.

The addition of nitrogen to reduce the oxygen concentration in the protected room to a predetermined level. In this atmosphere, the occurrence of fire is excluded, since oxygen is not enough to fire could occur and spread.