VISULAN® risk management

VisuLAN® allows you to integrate the various available on the market of safety, security and control systems, regardless of manufacturer information is displayed on the center console. With him the control is exercised.

VisuLAN® allows you to program the actions that will be automatically activated in emergency situations. For example, the control system will make sure that the elevator only stops on the floors, in the extreme situation that does not apply.

The flexible interface allows the integration of all devices and security systems. These characteristics of the condition and operation options are available on the center console.

Integrated systems VisuLAN system via

  • Smoke aspirating detector TITANUS®
  • The system of fire prevention OxyReduct®
  • Intruder alarm control panel fire alarm
  • Settings extinguishing
  • CCTV
  • Access control
  • Sensors penetration
  • Others responsible for the security of the system