PROTECT security fog system is an active protection that is able to secure your premises within seconds. It is suitable for your home, kiosk or even production building. PROTECT security fog cannon is connected to your already existing security system. In case of an alarm the room will be filled fast and efficiently with white thick fog. Security fog stays in well ventilated room for 50 minutes. A robbery takes only about few minutes. Thanks to the fog the robber is just not able to see even he´s own nose.

Thanks to the IntelliCloud service you can monitor your PROTECT security fog cannons from where ever you might be 24/7. You will always know the status of your fog cannons.
PROTECT security fog is making homes and businesses protected in more than 50 countries all over the world. PROTECT security fog is certified and completely safe for people and animals.

Security fog generator:
• Protects against invaders by filling the room with a dense white fog, which does not leave             residue.
• Security fog is completely safe for people and animals. Security fog does not damage clothes,    furniture nor electronics.
• Low maintenance cost
• 5 year manufacturer’s warranty
• Ensures peace of mind when you are away from your home, studio, office.

PROTECT security fog generators are certified according to EN 50131-8 standard

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