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Fire suppression control

Optimize Fire Safety with the Best Control Panel – The Vital Core of Your Fire Suppression System. Our control panels offer safety, reliability, and compliance. Let us help you choose the best and optimal solution for your facility’s protection.
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With years of experience and ISO9001 certification, HAES is a trusted name in extinguishing systems control and release panels. They hold industry accreditations from LPCB, BSI, MED, Lloyds Register, and ABS, ensuring top-quality and compliant products. 


These advanced control panels offer complete flexibility in configuring extinguishant release scenarios. They feature adaptable zone voting for gas release and customizable countdown timers to meet specific site needs. The large graphical display simplifies navigation through the intuitive menu system. Esprit-G comes in both single and dual area panel options, complemented by ancillary relays and remote status units for comprehensive fire safety control.

Labor Strauss Group


Discover LST range of extinguishing control systems, offering solutions from compact single-zone panels for small systems to networked panels supporting up to 2048 flooding zones. LST systems provide flexibility in setting parameters, allowing compatibility with a wide range of extinguishing agents.

LST_BC600 The Extinguishing Control Panel Series LC600 offers advanced capabilities, incorporating both the essential functions of the Fire Detection Control Panels Series BC600 and full extinguishing functionality according to EN 12094-1, complete with a range of options. With freely scalable hardware redundancy, these control panels excel in ensuring the utmost reliability and safety, even in the face of failures.

These robust manual call points, encased in durable die-cast aluminum housing, enable the activation of extinguishing systems, termination of flooding processes, and secondary flooding. LST also provides specialized loop modules designed for extinguishing technology, ensuring efficient and reliable systems. LST’s offerings for gas extinguishing systems, including the Conventional and Series 200AP Manual Call Point Series, along with Monitor Modules EDS200AP-1 and ÜMB200AP-1, and the Multi Input/Output Modules MEA244-1 and “fail-safe” MEA244-1/FS 09. Enhance your fire safety with LST’s solutions.

Detnov Security SL


Detnov offers a high-quality and cost-effective extinguishing control solution that includes both sensors and signaling buttons.

Detnov_CCD-103CCD-103 extinguishing control panel is designed for single-risk scenarios with three detection zones. It offers essential features, including outputs for system activation and signaling, bottle status monitoring, manual call points, sounder outputs, and configurable fire delay. The panel connects to a PC via USB and integrates with DETNOVS addressable systems. It’s certified to meet safety standards (EN12094/1, CPR EN54-2, and EN54-4) while providing a cost-effective solution for your fire protection needs.


DMTech offers a high-quality and cost-effective extinguishing control solution that includes both sensors and signaling buttons.


Conventional Fire Extinguishing Control Panel, certified to EN12094-1 and EN54-2/4 standards. It’s versatile, supporting various extinguishing systems, with 3 zones for detection. Adaptable to specific firefighting needs, the panel offers over 30 programmable functions via its built-in display and comes with a real-time clock and a 1,600-event log. This budget-friendly panel ensures quality and affordability in one package.

TITANUS® - Aspirating Smoke Detectors


Early Fire Detection with TITANUS® Aspirating Smoke Detectors detect fires without false alarms. Time is of the essence in fire detection. Wagner’s TITANUS® aspirating smoke detectors provide a crucial head start, offering early fire detection to protect assets, processes, and lives. Traditional detectors often react too late, while highly sensitive aspirating systems detect smoke in its earliest stages, providing graduated alarms for timely responses to smoldering and incipient fires.

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