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Fire alarm systems

When it comes to fire safety, a reliable fire alarm system is your first line of defense. We offer a wide range of fire alarm systems from reputable manufacturers, ensuring that you can find the perfect solution to protect your property and the people within. 
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Detnov Security SL


With a strong commitment to protecting lives and property, Detnov offers a comprehensive product line that includes both conventional and analogue addressable fire alarm panels and detectors.


Detnov’s CAD-250 series modular analogue addressable Fire Alarm System is expandable up to 32 loops, featuring a 10″ touch screen, 2048 programmable zones, 256 areas, and 1024 groups. It offers a 100,000 event history log, 2 supervised sounder outputs, and 2 free relay outputs, along with Ethernet connectivity and Detnov Cloud compatibility.


Detnov’s CAD-150 series analogue addressable Fire Alarm System offers exceptional expandability with 2 loops (expandable to 8), 2,000 addresses, auto-search function, programmable zones, alarm/fault display, event logs, LCD display, network capability and Detnov Cloud compatibility.


Detnov’s CCD-100 series conventional Fire Alarm System with 2 – 12 zones, designed for easy installation on an ABS plastic housing with the option for flush mounting. This panel can differentiate between detector alarms and manual call point alarms, supporting up to 32 detectors per zone. It offers advanced features such as USB connectivity for complex programming and direct integration capability with addressable systems via the loop.

Labor Strauss Group


For decades, LST has led in innovative fire detection and extinguishing technology, protecting lives and property across Europe and worldwide.


The Fire Detection Control Panels Series BC600 combines intelligent loop technology with selectable detector protocol (LST, System Sensor, Apollo) and proven conventional technology. Thanks to their modular concept, the flexible upgradeability and the networking capability, the control panels are ideally suited for systems of all sizes.

TITANUS® - Aspirating Smoke Detectors


Early Fire Detection with TITANUS® Aspirating Smoke Detectors detect fires without false alarms. Time is of the essence in fire detection. Wagner’s TITANUS® aspirating smoke detectors provide a crucial head start, offering early fire detection to protect assets, processes, and lives. Traditional detectors often react too late, while highly sensitive aspirating systems detect smoke in its earliest stages, providing graduated alarms for timely responses to smoldering and incipient fires.


DMTech is a manufacturer specializing in fire alarm systems and extinguishing panels. With a commitment to providing high-quality solutions for cost-conscious customers. DMTech offers a range of products include addressable and conventional fire alarm systems and extinguishing panels.


The FP9000A is an addressable fire alarm system that not only meets the highest safety standards but is also cost-effective. This system provides a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality or performance, making it a valuable asset for various applications where fire safety is essential.


The FP9000 Conventional Fire Alarm System offers a cost-effective solution without compromising on safety. With options available in both plastic and metal housings, this system offers networking capabilities with repeaters and software for remote monitoring, providing enhanced flexibility and control. Whether you choose the plastic or metal housing, the FP9000 is a cost-effective choice that doesn’t compromise on your safety needs.

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