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Fire suppression solutions

Selecting the ideal extinguishing agent is essential for effective fire protection. Options include chemical and inert gasses (e.g., FK-5-1-12, CO2), aerosols for compact, eco-friendly solutions, and non-pressurized nitrogen for electrical equipment protection. At Texpo, we’re here to help you make the right and optimal choice for your specific needs. 
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AIRfire Worldwide


AIRfire Worldwide offers a complete range of fire suppression solutions certified by independent laboratories. Comprehensive, compatible, modular and scalable solutions that adapt and cover all the specific needs of most market sectors. Robust, durable solutions are easy to install and maintain. Distributors and installers in more than 30 countries already rely on AIRfire Worldwide,  thanks to their basic principles: Easy, Ecological, Efficient, Economical and Reliable solutions that define AIRfire Worldwide systems. AIRfire Worldwide, as an expert and specialist in the field of fire suppression solutions, offers in each case the most appropriate option for what you value most.

 A solution for every need. AIRfire Worldwide is dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that efficiently safeguard your valuables and contribute to higher business continuity and lower downtime in case of fire starting inside mission critical equipment. 

All 4 inert gasses (IG-01 Argon, IG-100 Nitrogen, IG-55 50% Nitrogen + 50% Argon, IG-541 50% Nitrogen + 42% Argon + 8% CO2) are available in 80 and 140-liter cylinders, with working pressures 200 bar or 300 bar adjusted to 60 bar upon entering the piping network. Modular and bank system setups available. Selector valves for multiple hazard protection. 

Fire Suppression Mechanism: reduces oxygen concentration to less than 15% within 60 seconds, can access hidden fires.

CO2Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is supremely effective for suppressing a wide range of fires, including Class A, B, and C, although safety precautions are necessary in human-occupied spaces. Complete High-Pressure Systems use 67-liter cylinders with essential components. Various configurations are available based on your protection needs. Modular and bank system setups available. Selector valves for multiple hazard protection.

Fire Suppression Mechanism: reduces oxygen concentration from 21% to 15% in the atmosphere and efficiently removes heat from fires.


FK-5-1-12, commercially known as 3M™ Novec™ 1230, safeguards high-value assets, including aerospace, aviation, military, marine, archives, museums, data centers, and telecommunications. AIRfire utilizes FK-5-1-12 high-pressure technology in a range of cylinder sizes, from 14 to 220 liters, pressurized at 25 or 50 bar. This variety of cylinder sizes offers flexibility for different volume hazards, ensuring the most suitable solution. Modular and bank system setups available. Selector valves for multiple hazard protection

Fire Suppression Mechanism: rapid Cooling, quickly removes heat from fires and interrupts the combustion chain reaction, extinguishing fires in seconds.

ARMANfire - Compact Fire Protection Solutions

Logo ARMANfire

In cases where hazards are confined to small spaces, traditional fire suppression systems can be complex and inadequate. That’s why AIRfire Worldwide created the ARMANfire system, designed for ease of installation, maintenance, and effective extinguishing.

Solutions that efficiently safeguard your valuables and contribute to higher business continuity and lower downtime in case of fire starting inside mission critical equipment. 

Key Features:

    • Precise Installation: Fire suppression agent is delivered to the fire’s origin via a heat-sensitive polymer tube.
    • High & Low Pressure Options: Choose between Carbon Dioxide and FK-5-1-12 agents for optimal performance, corrosion resistance, electrical non-conductivity, and residue-free discharge.
    • Innovative Valve Technology: Prevents accidental discharges during transportation, handling, and installation.
    • No External Power Required: The system is 100% pneumatically/mechanically operated.
    • Cost-Effective: Provides fast detection and suppression, ensuring immediate action to contain heat-source hazards.
    • Pre-Engineered Kits: Receive all necessary components for easy installation.
    • Tube Discharge Systems: Ideal for very small spaces, the sensor tube detects and suppresses fires.
    • Nozzle Discharge Systems: The sensor tube detects, and once triggered, the extinguishing agent is released through separate pipes and nozzles.


ARMANfire systems are suited for fire protection in electrical cabinets, telecommunication racks, control panels, CNC machines, and more.

ARMANfire Chef - kitchen equipment fire protection system

Logo ARMANfireChef

ARMAfire Chef is a specialized kitchen equipment protection system, building upon the technological capabilities of ARMANfire base systems. It includes all the essential features of ARMANfire for a kitchen fire suppression system, with the added benefit of utilizing a highly effective wet chemical agent.

Key Features:

    • Heat Vaporization Cooling;

    • Safe Fine Spray Discharge;

    • High-Rate Protection – up to 45 liters of burning oil covered by a single nozzle;

    • Re-Ignition Prevention  through a protective, soapy layer;

    • Eco-Friendly AFFF Agent – biodegradable, low oxygen requirement, and free of PFOS and PFAS;

    • No External Power Required.

ARMANfire Chef offers advanced fire protection for kitchen equipment, with a focus on both safety and environmental responsibility. 

EXXFIRE - Pressureless Stored Nitrogen


EXXFIRE a leading manufacturer in advanced Pressureless Stored Nitrogen technology in a solid chemical block to enhance fire protection. Their Cool Gas Generator can produce Nitrogen at ambient temperature, securing space, all while maintaining a low-pressure, low-noise operation with a silencer output of less than 99 dB. This innovative gas storage solution is maintenance-free and boasts a long shelf life of 10 years, making it a dependable choice for safeguarding your valuable assets.

Exxfire_TW EXXFIRE TW, in tandem with off-gas detection, provides integrated protection for battery storage racks ranging from 1.5m3 to 27m3. Designed to safeguard closed battery storage systems, this solution combines off-gas detection and nitrogen fire suppression. It has undergone rigorous testing in Germany to prevent thermal runaways, ensuring the security of Lithium-Ion Energy Storage. This level of protection plays a vital role in a safe and seamless energy transition.

exxfire_2250 Aspirating fire detection combined with non-pressurized nitrogen fire suppression. A system designed to protect closed server racks and electrical cabinets up to a volume of 4.5m3, securing high value equipment close to the potential source of fire. This level of fire protection will contribute to higher business continuity and lower downtime in case of fire starting inside mission critical equipment. Easy installation and low maintenance will contribute to the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in the market. EXXFIRE protects your systems against fire through early detection and suppression, preventing large damage to your hardware.

DSPA - Aerosol Fire Suppression


DSPA leads the industry with cutting-edge aerosol generators for fire suppression. Trusted by governments, firefighters, first responders, and industries worldwide, DSPA is known for quality, reliability, and innovative solutions driving global growth. DSPA’s aerosol generators quickly suppress flames and interrupt the combustion process at a chemical level.

DSPA Aerosol disrupts the fire’s chain reaction without reducing oxygen levels. It chemically interferes with essential fire radicals, extinguishing the fire quickly and efficiently. DSPA’s finely divided solid particles react with fire radicals, capturing them efficiently, making it a potent extinguishing agent. Most importantly, it’s environmentally friendly. 

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