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Natural Smoke Ventilation

We specialize in supplying modern smoke removal systems that effectively eliminate smoke in the event of a fire. We supply a comprehensive system that includes hatches, electrical or pneumatic drives, and control panels, delivering a complete solution. 

Our innovative smoke hatches are designed to swiftly remove smoke, heat, and toxic substances during a fire while offering options for enhanced lighting and ventilation and are compliant with the EN 12101-2 standard and the certificate ensures ensure safety and quality of these hatches.

Our smoke hatches, are not just for access and safety, but also for optimizing indoor lighting systems, including skylights, offer natural daylight for various spaces, from warehouses to offices.

Trust us as your supplier to provide the perfect balance of safety and lighting for your building.

Let's build a safer and more secure future together!

We invite you to explore our extensive product range, take advantage of our technical expertise, and experience the difference in working with a company that puts your needs at the forefront.