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Security systems act as a powerful deterrent, reducing the risk of theft and vandalism. In both residential and commercial settings, they safeguard valuable assets, ensure the safety of occupants, and help prevent potential disasters. Whether it’s preventing theft or ensuring access control, security systems are indispensable for comprehensive safety and protection.
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AEOS Created with high-security requirements in mind, AEOS is designed for critical infrastructure organisations that demand top-tier security. AEOS offers rich integrations through the Technology Partner Programme, giving you the freedom to tailor a best-of-breed security setup. Combine AEOS with our native locker management for secure storage and seamlessly integrate our intrusion detection solution into your security policy. Benefit from AEOS deep expertise in global security, backed by 46 years of dedicated experience and a network of local and regional partners. AEOS is highly scalable and robust, adapting to your evolving security needs as your organization grows and changes.

PROTECT™ Security Fog


Security fog systems deploy a dense, non-toxic fog to deter intruders in seconds. These systems offer an immediate and highly effective defense, ensuring that your valuable assets and premises remain protected. This immediate and effective defense is harmless to people and property, offering peace of mind and rapid recovery. Security fog systems are a reliable choice for safeguarding your premises.

Discover the Power of PROTECT™ Security Fog:

    • Immediate and effective protection that stops intruders;

    • Harmless to people, animals, clothing, furnishings, and electronics;

    • A smart investment with low operating costs and a 5-year warranty;

    • A global leader with a track record of satisfied customers;

    • Extended protection for up to an hour, allowing for a swift response;

    • Ensures business continuity and peace of mind;

    • A versatile range of solutions for different spaces;

    • Elegant and discreet installation options.

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